Short North Food Hall

From the guys who brought you not one, not two, but three of the most popular short north bars comes a brand new culinary concept that is going to take our city by storm. The owners of Forno, Pint House, and Standard Hall are at it again and have created something even bigger and badder than ever before. Reinventing the idea of a food court set up to launch the Short North Food Hall.  Imagine an adult food court complete with delicious drinks, the best bites, amazing atmosphere, and music to match.

Right as you walk in the door stands a huge rectangular bar with enough TV’s to host a super bowl party. Surrounding the bar on each side are tons of 4 person high top “benches”, and off to the right is a smaller room with plenty of low top tables as well. Along the entire back wall you will find 5 different kitchens preparing their very best to fulfill any appetite you may have.

The Food Hall is currently offering Vinny’s New York style pizza, Mexican cuisine from Tortilla Street Food, Legacy Smokehouse BBQ, Shokudo Asian small bites, and Short Grain Sushi. These vendors provide great variety and perfect balance to satisfy any kind of food craving you may be experiencing and on any given night.

During the sneak peek event, we were lucky enough to try samples from all of the restaurants and I truly mean that you cannot go wrong here. Legacy seemed to be the most popular, but the tacos from Tortilla were phenomenal and the shrimp tempura roll from Short Grain was super tasty. The bar has a solid beer list, fruity alcoholic sodas, and of course fish bowls.

These guys have absolutely nailed it with this place. I’m completely obsessed with the new concept and the space they have made. Grand opening is going on all weekend, so go support small and be a part of the hype.



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